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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Motto
To enrich family relationships for individual and societal well - being.
Equipping people with knowledge, skills and tools that help them enjoy family life.
1. We seek to create good family environments
2. We aim to exhibit pleasing levels of professionalism at all times(br)3. We value marriage success and satisfaction
Enriching family relationships.
  • Courses +

    We have a course structures that promote family success beyond the norm to achieve satisfaction.
  • Our Approach +

    We have a holistic approach that impacts the learner both on a family and community level.
  • Implementation Tools +

    Implementation tools that simplify employing the learned principles in daily activities.
  • Results +

    We have training programmes that are designed for immediate application.
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We continue to develop our training & communication channels, to give you support when needed...


We always work as a team.

Mobile Friendly

We have a mobile hotline available for enquiries.


Our e-offfice is always available.

Quick Response

We pride ourselves in the best response time.


We continue to develop our platforms for effective training.

Dedicated support

Our team is dedicated to training your effectively.

Our Reputation

We are known for providing life changing family, marriage, grief, premarital and empowering courses.
About Us

Who We Are

CMPFA prides itself on being one of the Institutions providing life changing courses. We continue to develop our service base, bringing people the best of what we can do.

  • icon Our Aims
  • icon Strength In Abilities
  • icon Creating Opportunities


Raising highly professional and life chaning families. Forstering and nurturing characters that give significant advantage to the community.

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Strength In Abilities

Building families that have an inherent strength to identify and harness each other’s abilities to the success of the community.

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Creating Opportunities

As an institution we help families to achieve their dreams and make up stronger communities.

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Training Courses

We training courses that are transformational in content and nature, programmes that are designed for immediate application in life. Below are some of the trainings that we offer:-

  • Building a fruitful relationship with us as pastors has helped CMPFA maintain a very high standard in training.
    Dr Jane Machanzi Pastor
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Our Featured Trainings

We seek to create good family environments. We also aim to exhibit pleasing levels of professionalism at all times. Our team values customer success and satisfaction.

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The love for helping families achieve greater results as well as a yearning to see a greater efficiency in the community is what drives us. Call us.

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2 Hague Close, Sentosa,Mabelreign, Harare

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